Brandi and a fellow intern look at Roman oil lamps

Web Collections Intern

Miami University Art Museum

August 2016-May 2017

Between August 2016 and May 2017, I worked as a Web Collections Intern with the Miami University Art Museum in Oxford, Ohio. My internship is a unique blend of traditional collections internships and interactive media studies internships.

The main goals of the internship were the following:

  1. Create engaging and accessible digital collection sites
  2. Digitize a collection of Roman oil lamps and a collection of various Native American material goods in two separate projects
  3. Gain experience with museum collections management
  4. Contribute to the museum's knowledge of artifacts in their collection

The internship focused both on collections roles such as collections management, handling and filing, and interactive media studies roles such as web development, photography, photo editing, Omeka development, and professional writing.

The internship was split into two main projects, the Breverman Collection Project and the Edna Kelly Collection Project.

The Breverman Collection Project focused on taking a set of Greek and Roman oil lamps and vessels and using them to create an engaging collection sub-site on the Art Museum's main website.

The Edna Collection Project focused on creating an Omeka collection site for a collection of Native American material objects dating from the late 19th century to the early to mid-20th century.

Internship Outcomes

screenshot from the Breverman digital exhibit
Screenshot of the Breverman Digital Exhibit

This internship had three primary outcomes:

  1. Production of the Breverman Roman Oil Lamps Digital Exhibit
  2. Creation of the Miami University Art Museum Omeka site and the Edna Kelly Native American Materials Digital Exhibit
  3. Presentation to museum staff about the importance of digital exhibitions for public outreach
screenshot of the Kelly digital exhibit
Screenshot of the Edna Kelly Digital Exhibit