rusted bayonets from the OHC collection

Archaeology Lab Assistant

Ohio History Connection

Summer 2016

During the summer of 2016, I worked as an Archaeology Lab Assistant with the Ohio History Connection Archaeology Department in Columbus, Ohio under the direction of Juli Six.

The main goals of the internship were the following:

  1. Contribute to ongoing lab initiatives with the Ohio History Connection Archaeology Department
  2. Work with and categorize osteological collections
  3. Handling and doing research on artifact in the OHC collection
  4. Produce and distribute blog posts for the OHC Blog

I worked with a variety of archaeological collections, but I focused primarily on osteological collections. In addition to my work in the lab, I wrote recurring blog posts for the Archaeology Department's blog. I also gave a presentation to local educators on the findings and methods used at the Hahn Site.

Internship Outcomes

rusted bayonets from 1812
Some of the artifacts in the OHC Collection, dating to 1812

This internship had three primary outcomes:

  1. Organization and categorization of osteological collections
  2. The production of three separate blog posts, "Meet Our Summer Interns", "Remnants of the War of 1812", and "Field School Finds".
  3. Presentation to local teachers on archaeological field methods and findings at the Hahn Site
screenshot of OHC blog
Blog post on artifacts from the War of 1812