My undergraduate research experiences focus primarily on the uses of technology with archaeology, as well as pedagogical methods in introductory archaeology courses. I have also conducted research focused on the satire and controversy in French society.

Photogrammetry 3D scan

3D Archaeology

Spring 2017

Senior Honors Thesis for the B.A. Anthropology. This research is exploring the methods and uses of 3D technology in modern archaeology. The project involves three main technologies: photogrammetry, virtual museum development using 3D representations of artifacts, and 3D imaging, scanning, printing, and reconstruction. Ongoing project.

Augmented Archaeology

Fall 2016

Senior Thesis for the B.A. in Interactive Media Studies. This research is exploring how to connect the public to the past through the development of a program that utilizes augmented reality to allow users to interact with 3D artifacts where they were excavated at archaeological sites. Ongoing project.

Augmented Archaeology Screenshot
Students use the archaeological pedagogy project

Archaeological Pedagogy

Fall 2016

This research explored educational design and techniques, and provided the opportunity to gain experience in designing educational activities. I created a card game with Dr. Jeb Card to teach archaeological research design to undergraduate students. Cards incorporate archaeological assets to be purchased with "grant" funds, excavation findings, and events that happen in the field.

The Power of Humor

Fall 2015

This research focused on Charlie Hebdo, a controversial French magazine, to understand the extremes of French satire and their impacts of French society. I focused on political and religious depictions, and their significance within France and within Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo Untouchables Cover