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Undergraduate Associate

Students working in lab with meAs an undergraduate associate for ATH 212: Introduction to Archaeological Theory and Method for the fall semester 2016, my primary roles included assisting Dr. Jeb Card in laboratory sessions, answering student questions, and developing a lab exercise. I also independently ran a lab session while he was away for a conference. The lab session focused on the classification of arrowheads, and I instructed two sessions of approximately 15 students each. I collaborated with Dr. Card to create a lab exercise focused on teaching research design to undergraduates. We used the exercise at the end of the fall semester, and the department intends to use the exercise in future courses.

Project Goals: 1-Gaining university-level teaching experience, 2-Developing archaeological pedagogy, 3-Gaining experience setting up and running lab sessions
Project Outcomes
a group of students play the research design game in lab
Students use the research design game in the lab

The first version of the research design game was used in ATH 212: Introduction to Archaeological Theory and Method at the end of the fall 2016 semester, with Dr. Jeb Card as the instructor.

Student feedback on the usefulness of the lab assignment was overwhelmingly positive, and the Anthropology Department intends to use the project in future courses.

Sample Cards
Sample of the completed cards
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