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Public Archaeology

Public Archaeology Video ScreenshotAs part of the capstone for my B.A. in Anthropology, I created a video intended to make anthropology easier accessible and understandable by the general public. My video, Anglo-Saxon Mortuary Archaeology, is the culmination of a semester long project focusing on developing my research interests and communicating them to the public. The project began by exploring my personal research interests, as well as my primary research question. From there, I began reviewing scholarly literature related to my research interests and question. I then took the information and created the video through hand-sketches, personal narration, and free music. The video was created in two parts. The first draft of the video presented potential questions to be asked regarding archaeology in the British Isles. The final video includes portions and influences from the first video, but the information from the literature review is included. In addition to the video, I also wrote a literature review as part of my project.

Project Goals: 1-Communicate archaeological research in a format that engages and informs the general public, 2-Communicate my personal research interests through a brief video based on a thorough literature review
Project Outcomes

The finished video is publicly accessible through Youtube.

I intend to continue with cartoon style videos as I continue with my research.


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